Group Members

Dr. Serdar YILMAZ(Assoc.Prof.)

Principle Investigator

Mail: syilmaz(at)


Ph.D. Students

Department of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials

Aynur GURBUZ (Lecturer)

Laboratory Manager

Mail: aynurgurbuz(at)


Bekir KAVICI (PhD Fellow)

Mail: bekirkavici(at)

Cigdem CELEN (PhD Fellow)

Mail: cigdemcelen(at)


Mail: senelcobaner(at)

Pelin GULER (PhD Fellow)

Mail: pelinhepguler(at)


  • Pelin GULER (M.Sc.) 2018
  • Emine YALAZ (Ph.D.) 2018
  • Senel COBANER (M.Sc.) 2017
  • Cigdem CELEN (M.Sc.) 2017
  • Bekir KAVICI (M.Sc.) 2015
  • Hande ESEN (M.Sc.) 2015
  • Fatma UYSAL (M.Sc.) 2014

To download the PhD and Master thesis please visit our GDrive page.