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Dr. Serdar Yilmaz’s group study the synthesis, characterization and application of electroceramic materials especially using as a electrolyte material in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell. Main research theme is synthesizing new type materials and their characterizations of several properties. Also we apply these materials in SOFC single cell structure and  investigation of their some properties. Our laboratory is located in and collaborate with the Mersin University Advanced Technology Education Research and Application Center (MEITAM).

The production and characterization techniques are listed below:

    • Synthesizing of Zirconia-based and Bismuth-based solid electrolyte powder material for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells;
      • Solid State Synthesis Method
      • Pechini Method (Modified Sol-Gel)
    • Study of heat treatment process effect for single phase powder synthesizing.
    • Forming of powder ceramic materials;
      • Tape Casting
      • Screen Printing
      • Lamination
      • Pellet form with hydraulic press and/or cold isostatic press
  • Characterization of formed solid ceramic materials;
      • XRD
      • SEM
      • DTA, TGA
    • Electrical Conductivity (under the DC or AC current)
      • Electrochemical Impedance Method for measuring the impedance of ionic conductor materials and explanation of ionic conductivity properties.
      • Four-Point Probe Method for determination of total conductivity measurement of semiconductor or electronic conductor solid materials and also effect of geometry on conductivity values using Geometric Factor expressions.
      • Chancing of conductivity under different Oxygen partial pressure.
      • Aging time determination; conductivity change versus time.
      • Conductivitiy change versus temperature; Arrhenius curve; Activation energy calculation.
    • Single Solid Oxide Fuel Cell fabrication and performance measurements by electrical power testing.